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Meet The Team


Manager, Tortilleria # 1

Sandra Santiago

Hello, my name is Sandra Santiago. I have been part of Tortilleria Mexico for 7 years. I like the atmosphere and the team I get to work with. We are a small but big family.


Manager, Tortilleria #2

Jorge Rocha

Come and visit us where we will assist you as you deserve and see why we are number 1.

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Manager, Tortilleria #3

Sandra Guerrero

Hello, my name is Sandra Guerrero, I started in Tortilleria Mexico 9 years ago. I had the ability to grow since I started as a cashier until becoming a Manager at our third location. In addition, I have seen this company grow over these years and we will continue to offer the quality service we have been doing for 12 years.


Manager, Tortilleria #3

Erik Rocha

Hi, my name is Erik Rocha. I have been working 5 and a half years with Tortilleria México. I started as a cashier and Tortilleria México gave me the opportunity and training to become a manager. As a student, I love the fact that Tortilleria México is flexible with my schedule. Tortilleria Mexico has offered me many opportunities to evolve as a person in the business world.

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